The 2024 season is coming! We are currently seeking volunteers in the following areas:
  • Coaches
  • Buddy Leaders
  • Buddies
  • Game Announcers
  • Facility Support
Select the following link to sign up as a Miracle League of New Albany volunteer:

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The Miracle League of New Albany depends on the strength and generosity of its vast Volunteer network.

Buddy System

Buddies are paired with a player for every game and help to keep the player safe, bat, run the bases and encourage the player with energy and enthusiasm.  Buddies are typically at least 12 years old. Training sessions for buddies will take place prior to opening day.

Coaching Opportunities

Both head coaches and assistant coaches are needed, and the most important qualifications are dedication, enthusiasm and compassion.

Game Announcing

Announcers introduce the players and commentate throughout the game to make the game-day experience extra special for the players and the fans.

Game Day Assistant

Assistants helps with all the jobs that make the game day go smoothly.  Selling refreshments or merchandise, orienting players and fans with the facility and whatever else arises.

National Anthem/Cheer/Band

Come sing, cheer and use your talents to make game day special!

Bat Boy/Bat Girl

Bat boys and bat girls pick up balls, bats, helmets and equipment to keep the game moving and the players safe.